Shanna Melville 2013 Summer Collection shoot at Cannizaro House

Thought it was about time I put pen to paper (or hand to mouse) and fired up my first blog post.

Back in July we organised a photo shoot in the beautiful gardens of Cannizaro House up near Wimbledon Common. The idea was to shoot several of Shanna Melville’s new bridal gowns at locations we had scouted earlier in the month.

With the Great British Summer upon us, and the forecasters throwing us a lovely forecast all week, we waited in anticipation of Friday for the shoot. Hoping, praying, as it was an outdoor shoot, we would get the fine afternoon sun to get the look in the photos we were after. Our beautiful model Agata and Hair & MUA Tiffany Cartwright and my assistant were all booked and organised for the day, all necessary approvals all ticked off, so it it was all systems go, rain, hail or shine.

Friday afternoon arrived and as sod’s law would have it, rain it was. Bucket loads falling from the clouds above. And if that wasn’t enough to throw us off, most of the flowers we were intending to use backdrops had withered away with the intense heat from the week prior, leaving us with no option but to quickly locate a couple more locations.

Lucky for us though, as Agata was getting prepared and dressed, the clouds parted and once again we were graced with beautiful sunlight to give us the depth and lighting in the photos we were looking for.

As the shots were taken outdoors and to get the look we were after, most of the shots were lit with my trusty Canon Speedlite’s, the key light shot through an Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox.

Here’s a selection of pics from the day. Hope you like : )

Wedding Dresses London 1Wedding Dresses London 2Wedding Dresses London 4Wedding Dresses London 3

Shanna Melville 4

Shanna Melville 3

Rohan Clinnick

If you’re looking for a photographer in Wimbledon or surrounding areas for your fashion or portrait shoot, give us a call, I’d love to hear from you. Ro.
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