Baby photographer in Wimbledon, London

Choosing your newborn or baby portrait photographer in London can be a difficult decision. There are many to choose from, including professional, amateur and people who just have a camera and want to give it a go. There can also be a big difference in price, making your decision even more difficult.

My advice would be to look at the photographers work you like best, look at their style and the quality of work they produce. Read reviews from their previous customers and check that they’re suitably qualified in the safety issues that come with working with a newborn baby. This is very important as many photos you see online are edited, and you never see what steps have been taken to ensure your babies safety. Any good newborn photographer will be trained in baby safety.

What you would like as an end result of your newborn photography session is also a factor in your decision in choosing a baby photographer. Are you looking for digital images to show your loved one online between friends and family, or are you looking for art to hang on your walls to admire this special time in your life? What size and format (ie/ portrait, landscape or square) do your photos need to be to fit on your wall and look their best? How many images do you actually need or want out of your portrait session?

From experience with clients and from other photographers, 8-10 high quality images is generally enough for most customers. It’s great to have 15-20 excellent and varied images to choose from, however some photographers choose to produce 100+ images when, in reality, the chances of someone uploading similar photos or 120 photos on a wall are rare. Even in the case of producing a coffee table book, you would more than likely only show approx. 14-20 images of excellent quality. Personally, I’d choose quality over quantity any day.

There’s nothing more beautiful than looking at your bundle of joy presented as art on your wall for you, your family and your friends to enjoy for now and future generations. At Minibubs Photography, I only provide my clients with the highest quality images and products made to last, all hand-made in the UK at affordable prices.

If you are expecting or have recently had a baby in London, please get in touch, I’d love the opportunity to produce your images for you.

Some images from my recent work are below. For more newborn and baby photos, please check out my websites listed below.

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wimbledon newborn photographer

Rohan Clinnick is a portrait photographer in London, based in Wimbledon SW19. Available for either studio, in-home or location portrait photography sessions, using natural or studio lighting systems. Also available for maternity portrait photography sessions.

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Engagement portrait photographer in London

Below are some photos from a recently completed (early morning before all the tourists arrived) photo shoot in and around Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London.


Making my job easier were the stunning couple, Laura & Ferenc who between us styled their clothing and look for this particular shoot.

I had the idea to utilise this particular location several months ago, when my wife and I were out one evening (which isn’t often enough due to fatherhood – I LOVE evenings out in London) and stumbled across it. Luckily we took pics of the location on our phones that evening for reference. When it came time to find the pics, do you think I could locate them after sifting through thousands of photos in iphoto? Time to get a better database for storing location shots I think. Anyway, we remembered it was Shanna’s (my wife’s) birthday that night, tracked down the photos and the next morning I went out into town to check out the light.

Light was all good at 7:30am, delivery men in their vans weaving around everywhere, but no tourists to clutter my pics – Perfect. So off it was the next morning to shoot my lovely couple.

The day of the shoot couldn’t have run any better. Any formalities about shooting in particular locations was already sorted (Thanks to an informal chat the day prior with the top dog security dude at the Academy – cheers for the tips mate), although unfortunately due to the shoot running later than anticipated and me foolishly wandering around with my Canon swinging off my neck, whilst carrying two flash guns on stands with two beautiful people by my side, I didn’t go undetected and was given my marching orders from the fresh faced security recruit at the rear gates to the Academy – the gates by the way are amazing – and I will get back there to shoot with them in the background, next time with my client wearing a wedding dress HaHa…

If you know of anyone interested in an engagement portrait session in London or are looking for a portrait photographer in London for a couple shoot, I’d love the opportunity to shoot your images and capture your passion for one another – just like I did with Laura & Ferenc.

Hope you like the images as much as I did taking them and have a great week,


Ro : )
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